Open Arms Open Arms
By Erin

Disclaimer: I do not own ANY of the Roswell characters, as much as I may wish that I did. They belong to those awesome people at the WB. I don't own the song "Open Arms," either. It was written by S. Perry and J. Cain, is sung by Mariah Carey (on her 'Daydream' CD), and is copyrighted by the 1995 Sony Music Entertainment Corp. So, please don't sue me! You'll only get a few DMB CD's and some really cool jewelry. And thank you (to those whom it applies) for letting me borrow your stuff! I appreciate it!

Authorís Note: I was listening to my Mariah Carey CD when I got this idea, hence the name of the story. The song made me think of all the Michael and Maria events that I could.

So here it is.. enjoy!

* * *

It was prom night. Maria, Liz, and Isabel all decided to get ready together. Liz was going with Max and Isabel was going with Alex. Maria didn't have a date, but she refused to let Michael ruin prom night for her, so she decided that she was going to go to the prom alone.

Max and Alex dropped by Liz's house and picked up all three of the girls. They went out to dinner and were soon at the dance.

"Maria, really, you shouldn't worry about Michael being here. I can guarantee that he won't make an appearance," Isabel told her, hoping what she was saying was true.

Later that night, Maria was sitting at their table, while the other couples were out on the dance floor. She sighed and admitted that her idea of going to the prom alone was not a good idea.

Then, the DJ said over the speakers that this was going to be the last dance. Maria sighed, "Only one more dance, then I'm free."

'Open Arms,' one of Maria's favorites, was the last song. Mariah Carey's voice floated over the couples on the dance floor. There was a tap on her shoulder and Maria turned around, surprised.

"May I have this dance?" Michael asked, with a devilish grin.

"I guess so.. I should have known that you would show up.. like this.. and surprise me or something," she muttered, under her breath.

"Shhh.." Michael put his finger on Maria's lips and pressed his forehead to hers. Images flashed between them as they danced.

Lying beside you, here in the dark..
Feeling your heart beat with mine..
Softly you whisper, you're so sincere..
How could our love be so blind?

::flash:: Michael and Maria's kiss in the truth or dare game. Michael wanting to kiss her back, but out of his embarrassment, running away.

We sailed on together..
We drifted apart..
And here, you are by my side..

::flash:: Michael and Maria in the nookie motel. Maria squirming on top of Michael, struggling to stand up before Max, Liz, and Isabel turned on the lights. Michael forcing himself not to pull her back on top of him.

So now I come to with open arms.
Nothing to hide, believe what I say..
So here I am, with open arms..
Hoping you'll see what your love means to me..
Open arms...

::flash:: Michael and Maria's first kiss. Meant to be a quick kiss to tease and to ease tension, but when it started, neither could stop it. Maria tasted sweet and spicy.

Living without you, living alone..
This empty house seems so cold..
Wanting to hold you, wanting you near..
How much I wanted you home..

::flash:: Michael telling Maria that he needed to be alone, so he could be a stonewall. Maria's heart breaking, but her not showing it until he was out of sight. Michael regretting what he said to her.

But now that you've come back..
Turned night into day..
I need you to stay..

::flash:: Michael going to Maria's house that fateful rainy night. He didn't want or mean to break down in front of her, but he did, and she did the best thing someone could have done for him; she lie silently with him, letting him cry his problems away.

So now I come to with open arms..
Nothing to hide, believe what I say..
So here I am, with open arms..
Hoping you'll see what your love means to me..
Open arms...

::flash:: Michael hugging Maria, in his new apartment. She had admitted that she just made up the flashes so that she could be close to him. He wanted to be close to her, too, so he pulled her close and kissed her forehead.

When the song ended, Maria slowly stepped back and looked Michael in the eyes. His eyes told her so much; they were filled with admiration, wonder, hope, and happiness, but most of all, love. Her amazement kept her from saying anything. How could he love her so much, but he could go and break her heart whenever he pleased?

"Thank you," Michael whispered in Maria's ear, just loud enough for her to hear.

"No, thank you."

And Maria knew that just then, her life couldn't get any better. She had Michael in her arms, and she now knew that no matter how far he pushed her away, he would always love her and the memories that they shared.

The End