Even the Streets Even the Streets
By Erin

Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘Roswell’ and if I did, why would I be writing fanfiction? (Also, I don’t own the song alluded throughout this entire fic. It is called “Even the Streets” by the renowned musician, Matt Wertz).

Author's Note: I’ve been meaning to finish this since I completed the last prequel but didn’t get around to it ‘til my Christmas break. Ironic? I suppose. But late is better than never, no? Let’s just hope that some of y’all remember the first two. :) Enjoy!

* * * * *

I tried leaving you at home But every thought returns to you My head seems to roam No matter what I do

“Damn it,” he mumbled under his breath, swerving to avoid colliding with the semi, speeding up quickly and flipping a favorable finger at the oblivious driver. Asshole. More than anything, he hated traveling.

Three years on the road and counting.

The days, though, seem endless. The nights, even longer. Because he left her to die. Not purposely, but it was all the same in his mind. He let her perish… he let the others, too, and now he was slowly dying without them.

Who would have thought it would come to this?

He thought that it was so ironic. He ran away, just like always, and his skittishness actually saved his life. Max, Liz, Isabel, Kyle, and Maria all stayed to graduate after he fled, planning to skip town right after the ceremony. But they didn’t get the chance to. They never even had an ample warning or a minut chance to escape, a chance to survive. It was an ambush, unbeknownst to everyone else and he knew. He knew. And he didn’t go back to get them out of there before something horrible happened. And low and behold, something horrible did happen. Now, they’re gone and he is left all alone with only the memories to haunt both his waking hours and dreams.

He leads a life of solitude, traveling from town to town. This week, he’s heading towards Chicago.

Who knows where he will be next week?

She has traveled with him around the United States ever since he left her in Roswell that fateful day in May. She has never left him alone, being a true constant companion, and he was beginning to get used to her presence. He was comfortable with it before he left, but her new haunted existence has put an interesting twist on their relationship.

He has tried talking to her before, but she always turns away. She doesn’t want to listen to what he has to say to her. She already knows it, anyway. After all, she does reside in his head.

But he cannot help thinking that she doesn’t want to hear what he has to say because it will be the bitter, naked truth. Maybe that was what he feared the most – admitting the ugly truth to her and her never coming back. He knows that she knows what really happened, anyway, but he was too much of a coward to admit to these fears aloud. So she stays with him, day and night, right by his side.

And he doesn’t know what he would do without her there.

* * * * *

You know it’s late right now And every song sings of us I guess these singers know somehow And my life they must discuss

He was making her listen to the damn eighties radio station again. As if things were bad enough, he had to go and make them worse with those incessant songs only made complete by her favorite electronic keyboards and singers with big hair. She shuddered at the thought and attempted unsuccessfully to ignore it all.

As she reached to change the channel, he slapped her hand away with a playful grin crossing his features.

“Don’t touch it. Don’t even think about touching it.”

She rolled her eyes. “Kyle,” she whined, “It’s just not fair! I mean, you get to listen to the type of music that you want to all the time… why don’t I ever get a turn? Whatever happened to sharing?”

“Simple, Mar,” he began, his hand raised in the air.

She was honestly curious about what he had to say. “And why so?”

“Babe, you don’t drive this fine vehicle around. My car. My rules.”

“Okay, first off, this isn’t your car.”

He smirked back at her.

“This entire thing is so not fair.”

“Why not? Do you see me complaining? I think not…”

“Because if we had taken my car, you would have made me share the radio with you. You know it. Hand over the radio privileges right now, buddy. Or at least some of them, for fairness’ sake. And, if we had taken my car, we’d have gotten a lot more money than that decrepit Bronco of yours. We could have bought a better car and you wouldn’t have to be fixing random parts of this piece all the time. Face it, Kyle. It’s the truth and you know it.”

“Well, if you want to bring out the big guns…” he began and she sighed. Another lovely conversation with her only travel mate. Lovely. “First off, I’d like to mention right here that my car was the closest and most suitable getaway car for us. I mean, if we had been running across the parking lot to get the Jetta, we could have…” he let his voice drift off.

Tears welled up in her eyes and she shook her head. “Don’t go there now, Kyle.”

“Maria, it’s been three whole years. Maybe it’s time for us to start facing the music and accepting that we’re never going to see them again. We can’t just not talk about it forever.”

“I wish we could,” she whispered under her breath as a teardrop slipped from her eye and cascaded down her cheek. She angrily wiped it away before Kyle noticed. “It just seems like it happened yesterday,” she stated, a little more strongly than her first comment.

“I know.”

After an awkward silence, Kyle continued, “I just wish that they could have gotten out with us, too.”


“Maybe Michael got away before anything happened,” he said slowly, like he was testing the territory.

“I don’t want to talk about him, Kyle. That part of my life is closed and I don’t want to reenter it anytime soon. So just drop it, okay?”

And, just as quickly as that, the door of opportunity he had been given was slammed shut in his face and Kyle instantly turned up the volume on the radio, humming along happily to the tune.

She made her move to turn the dial as soon as the last song was over, but he shook his head and she stared at him quizzically. What the hell was he waving her off for now?

“Listen,” was all that he said. So she did.

And she thought of him, the ghost from her past that never seemed to go away, no matter how hard she tried.

* * * * *

But I left the pictures of you behind Because I didn’t want to dwell on you But even the streets speak your name out here And last night’s movie too

He saw her blonde hair in a reflection shining across a random department store window. He saw her lips in a magazine ad. He saw her dancing around him over and over again in his sleep. She never left him alone.

He thought Chicago would be an exciting city and maybe somewhere in that excitement, he could loose himself and the ghosts that constantly barraged his being. But they hadn’t gone away and he was slowly beginning to suspect that they were not going anywhere for quite some time.

And if it was possible, he thought that they had grown worse in this sleepless city.

The singers crooned about her. The artists painted her beauty. The authors wrote about her. The movies screamed of her life. The streets spoke her name.

He cannot escape the inevitable.

He does not know if he could even imagine a day without her now and this respite that he sometimes envisions and dreams about is not plausible. She will never leave him. And she is still as stubborn as hell. He should have known that she wasn’t going anywhere.

She finds places that he cannot even imagine to speak to him. She spoke to him on the subway, next to the homeless man and a street musician. She spoke to him on the road when he was listening to the radio, trying so hard not to hum along to the familiar pop song that he always claimed he hated.

He was leaving for St. Louis soon and he could not flee Chicago fast enough.

* * * * *

The mountains now in the rearview As the tired road creeps on and on and on Perhaps I’ll leave you in Colorado With this Monday morning fog

“Why do we have to leave Colorado?” she asked slowly.

“You and I both know that it’s not safe to stay in a place for an extended period of time. Remember? We learned that a year or two back in San Francisco.”

She rolled her eyes. “I mean, why can’t we just move around in the state and find a cottage up in the mountains to live in? Would it be so challenging to find a cabin like that, without having to deal with a lot of people, and realizing that if we live deep in the mountains, chances are, we won’t be seeing many people, to begin with?”

“It’s not that simple, Maria.”

“Why not?”

“You know that we don’t have that kind of money, to just pick up and splurge on some home in the mountains. We’d have to get jobs, and that means we’d be spending too much time around people we don’t trust. It’s not safe and I’m not willing to take that kind of chance with my life or yours.”

“I hate this.”

“Me too,” he agreed, his voice coming out no louder than a whisper.

“Sometimes, I wish we had never made it out of there,” her voice cracked. “I think it would have been so much easier that way.”

He nodded silently, fully knowing the extent of her feelings because he felt them, as well. They had been dealt a crappy hand by fate and now, they were paying with their lives.

There was an awkward silence in the car, as he concentrated on the road while she stared out the window longingly, blinking back the tears that had formed in her eyes. They didn’t ask for a life like this and they were both suffering immensely because of it.

He sighed. “I hate driving in fog.”

“Tell me about it,” she agreed. “Fog sucks.”

Fog, she thought, looks ghostly. Maybe spirits resided in something like it. Maybe they were the fog?

She shook the thoughts from her mind and clicked on the radio, relieved that maybe the music could distract the ideas flying around her head.

She was so tired and she didn’t know how much more she could take before she broke down. And she prayed for the strength to continue this nomad life as Kyle flipped the dial to another hair band station.

* * * * *

But the pictures await me back home And there the streets whisper, whisper you name Escape it seems impossible sometimes And I’m the one to blame

He had been feeling a pull all day, leading him towards another unknown city along his journey. But this time, it felt so different different.

He felt her presence stronger than he had ever felt before since he had been on the road. He knew that his mind is playing tricks on him, like it always did, but he hoped for something different this time around. Granted, he had hoped for the something different and something better in each city so far and nothing had changed. He could never give up, though. Respite was out there, somewhere; he felt it.

Maybe he could find something new in his next stop that he hasn’t been able to uncover about his friends’ deaths or his past. Maybe he could finally escape from the pain that constantly weighed on his being, once and for all, in this next mystery city. He knew that escape was near impossible, but he could hope for a change.

Any change would be welcome from this vagabond’s lifestyle, traveling from city to city on a whim, attempting to forget the past and run from anything that ever so slightly reminded him of it.

He slowed his bike down a bit to take in the mile marker sign that loomed nearer.

Nashville, Tennessee. 18 miles.

* * * * *

But I left the pictures of you behind Because I didn’t want to dwell on you But even the streets speak your name out here And last night’s movie too

She and her companion stopped for a quick bathroom and snack break a few miles outside of Nashville, Tennessee, taking in the chance to stretch their legs and walk around for a bit.

“So we’re going to stop in this so-called ‘Music City,’ tonight, bro?” she asked after stepping out of their crappy car, stretching her long legs and arms above her head.

“Looks like it,” Kyle stated, staring off into the western sky, tilting his head a little to the side. “We only have an hour or so of light left and we should actually stay in a hotel tonight so that we can catch up on our beauty sleep. There’s more traveling to be done in the morning. So we need to be well-rested.”

“Uh huh,” was all she said.

He chuckled. “I know you don’t like early mornings, but it’s time to get used to it, Maria. Seriously.”

She snorted in return. “Whatever you say.”

“You know I’m right… you just don’t want to admit it. I know you.”

She shook her head, giggling slightly, then turned her head to stare off into the horizon that was painted purples, golds, reds, pinks, and blues.

“I feel a pull towards Nashville,” she finally stated.

“What do you mean when you say ‘a pull?’”

She shrugged. “I don’t know. I just feel like something’s going to happen.”

“Something good or bad?”

“I don’t know, Kyle. I just don’t know. You’ve just got to trust me, okay?”


* * * * *

I tried leaving you behind But you wouldn’t stay Thank God you didn’t

They checked into their hotel with time to spare and Maria had finally convinced Kyle to explore downtown, while the night was still young.

“Do you know where you want to go?” Kyle asked in annoyance. He, personally, had wanted to spend the night watching a movie and catching up on lost sleep, but Maria has managed to get him out of their room, explaining that this pull she had felt earlier was stronger now and she wanted to explore. Who was he to turn her down?

“I was thinking that we could go into a few bars, or something like that,” she explained quickly, looking through the brochure she had picked up at their hotel. “Oh, look. There’s an open mic night at the Blue Moon Café tonight. Wanna check that out?”

“Why would we want to do that?”

She looked at him like he had grown another head. What was wrong with the boy? Wasn’t he the one who actually liked country music, anyway? “Nashville is a hotbed for country music and there are thousands of musicians who live here. Most of them go out and play at open mic nights to get discovered.”


“Country music?”

“Yup, cowboy.”

“I’m there.”

“Glad to hear it. The girl at the front desk suggested we check it out and said that it began filling up relatively early. Let’s move along before it gets too crowded.”

“All right. Last one to the car is a rotten egg!” he challenged as he opened the door and took off at a sprint.

“No fair! You got a head start!” she screamed after him as she closed their door and ran after her friend.

* * *

As he walked through the crowded streets of downtown Nashville, his mind was filled with the hustle and bustle of the busy city and all the busy people around him.

He still didn’t know why he felt drawn to this city, but there was a feeling in the pit of his stomach that made him think something was going to be revealed. Soon.

She was dancing around his head and walking in front of him the entire time he roamed the downtown area of the metropolis. Her blonde hair was shimmering in the early nighttime light; the glow of the streetlights illuminated it as she

His stomach growled and he directed himself to the first restaurant he came across, following behind his Maria ghost. The Blue Moon Café.

* * *

As they entered the café, Maria immediately felt a change in the air and looked around the greasy spoon, half in interest and half in fear.

Kyle put a hand on her arm. “What’s up, Mar?”

She shook her head and smiled, “Nothing. I just thought I felt something for a minute.”

* * *

He felt her. He didn’t know why or how he did, but her presence was thick in the air.

He turned in his chair at the bar and studied the small restaurant, wondering how the hell he was getting vibes from a girl that he had inadvertently killed.

He shuddered.

* * *

Once seated at a booth, a young waitress approached their table.

“I’ll have a water,” Maria stated even before the girl had a chance to speak.

Kyle looked up at her apologetically and smiled, “Can I have a coke, too?”

The waitress nodded and went off to fill the refreshments.

“What was that about?”

“What was what about?” Maria asked, pulling out the menu and perusing it in mild interest.

“You’re acting weird.”

Maria rolled her eyes.

“Weirder than normal.”


“No, seriously. What is it?”

Maria finally looked up from the menu, her eyes hazy and whispered, “I think I’m finally losing my mind… I can feel him in here. More than ever before.”

* * *

He hopped off his bar stool and headed towards the men’s room.

His senses still acknowledged the tingling feeling that he often associated with her, but he was convinced that those feelings were his mind playing tricks on him, again.

However, on his walk to the back of the café, he spotted a girl with shimmering golden hair and was drawn to look closer, but played it off as just another trick.

* * *

“I’ll be back in a few,” she said to her companion, standing up and climbing out of the booth. “If I’m not back in five, come looking for me.”

“That’s not funny to joke about,” he said half-heartidly, but she flipped her hair and was off before she heard his comment.

On her way, she secretly looked over her shoulder, checking out the restaurant and its patrons. She was still getting those weird vibes and she was forced to finally conclude that, once again, her mind was playing its tricks.

She didn’t notice anyone coming out of the men’s room when she was walking by and a second later, she collided with someone.

From the floor, she looked up in shock at a familiar ghost from her past.

* * *

He ran into someone as soon as he stepped out of the restroom, knocking the tiny girl backwards and making him growl in annoyance.

However, when he looked down, a familiar green pair of eyes looked up at him in shock.

* * *

“But, you’re…” he stuttered, unable to find the words to say.

“No. This is not happening,” she whined, burying her face in her hands. She had finally lost her mind, once and for all.

He reached down to help her up, offering a hand, and she timidly took it.

Once she was on her feet, she reached up and brushed his face with her hand. He closed his eyes… she was here, finally. She wasn’t dead. She was very much alive.

“I missed you,” he whispered.

“Me too.”


“Kyle and I… we somehow got away and ever since then, we’ve been traveling around the country, skipping town whenever we think we’ve spent too much time in one place.”

He nodded and slowly took her hand in his.

“I’m sorry,” he stated timidly as he wrapped his arms around her petite frame.

“I know,” she whispered into his ear and hugged him back.

Somehow, someway, they both knew at that very moment that the worst had passed. And they were going to be okay. Because they had each other. Because, essentially, that was all they ever needed.

The End